Commercial Roof Maintenance Services

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At Collins Roofing, Inc., our annual or bi-annual roof inspections can help your business maintain an active warranty on your commercial roof and ensure small issues today won’t become major problems tomorrow. Give our team a call today to set up your next roof maintenance appointment.

Why Commercial Roof Maintenance Matters?

When it comes to commercial flat roofs, it’s easy for small, unseen issues to turn into full-scale problems that cost thousands of dollars to fix. For business owners, the last thing you should have to worry about is whether or not your roof is holding up. That’s where Collins Roofing, Inc., comes in.

With regular commercial roof maintenance, whether that’s annual or bi-annual maintenance, you not only give yourself peace of mind in knowing that your roof isn’t an issue, but also in the fact that you can save money on roof repair costs for the year.

Proactive Maintenance Vs. Reactive Maintenance

When it comes to flat roof maintenance, there are two paths that are taken: proactive and reactive. At Collins Roofing, Inc., we believe one is better than the other, and in the long run, will save your business a lot of money in repairs.

Proactive Maintenance

For us, the gold standard in roof maintenance is proactive maintenance. By being proactive and having a bi-annual or annual maintenance check on your roof, you can keep on top of any new or unknown damages that can turn into bigger problems.

Catching an issue early can make fixing it much more manageable. Best of all, many commercial roof manufacturers offer warranty extension incentives for all documented inspections, meaning lower costs coming your way should something happen.

Reactive Maintenance

If you choose to forgo proactive maintenance measures, you run the risk of someone only ever checking the roof when something goes wrong. On average, the costs of repairs on non-maintained roofs average 25¢ per square foot annually, compared to just 14¢ per square foot on roofs that are maintained more regularly.

What to Expect with an Inspection

With any flat roof maintenance program, property managers should always expect to receive a complete, well-documented file explaining everything that was done during the inspection. The file should always include:

  1. A detailed description of all roofing components.
  2. The date of installation.
  3. The name of roofing contractor.
  4. The “as built” specifications and drawings.
  5. All reports by the roofing inspector during the construction of the roof.
  6. All roof guarantees from manufacturers and the roofing contractor.
  7. Bi-annual inspection reports with photos.

At Collins Roofing, Inc., you can always expect receive a detailed inspection report showing you exactly how your roof is holding up and so that you can share it with the manufacturer to receive any warranty support that may be offered.

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Commercial Roof Repairs

Looking for commercial roof repair services? Collins Roofing, Inc., can help. For over 40 years, we’ve provided businesses across Salt Lake City and the surrounding areas with the high-quality and speedy flat roof repair services they need.

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