Four Things to Take Care of During the Fall to Support Your Roof’s Peak Performance All Winter

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July 15, 2016
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September 15, 2016

Four Things to Take Care of During the Fall to Support Your Roof’s Peak Performance All Winter

Gable Dormers and Roof of Residential House

Now that the cold weather is getting closer, it’s important to prepare your roof for the upcoming harsh weather. Taking care of a few simple services can help your roof and home weather through a tough fall and winter. Here are the things to take care of before the temperature dips into the single digits.

1. Schedule Tree-trimming Services

First, start with scheduling a tree-trimming appointment. During the fall, more leaves and branches get blown off and could fall onto your roof, creating problems. Trimming your trees before this happens can prevent major issues. 

2. Get Your Gutters Cleaned

Next, have someone come out and clean your gutters. The fall season brings cold rains and wet leaves into your gutters. Clogged gutters could lead to water leakage or uneven rain distribution around your home.

3. Fix Any Cracks or Leaks

Then, you need to visually check your home for any cracks or leaks where water could come in. Work with a professional contractor to get these sealed up immediately. Many roofing contractors provide these services as part of their fall specials. Ignoring possible leaks could cause expensive damage to your home.

4. Have Your Roof Inspected

Finally, you need to have a roofing professional come out and inspect your roof. You want someone who has the experience and knowledge to be able to pinpoint any possible concerns right away, so they can be fixed. That way, you can feel more confident in your roof’s ability to keep your family warm and dry throughout the bitter cold.

You can help your roof do its job better this fall and winter if you take the necessary precautions before the weather gets too intense. You can count on the professionals at Collins Roofing Inc. to help you and your family get ready for a tough winter. Then, you can simply focus on spending quality time together in your warm and cozy home.