How Flat Roofs Contribute to Cost Efficiency

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June 4, 2015
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How Flat Roofs Contribute to Cost Efficiency

The roof should be affordable, practical and easy to install and maintain, especially for people on a budget. Flat roofs should grace your homes for those reasons. These roofs are cost-effective solutions in your home in many ways:

Fewer materials

It doesn’t need require many materials to install unlike pitched roofs. They only consist of under layers and a top coat made of PVC, rubber, asphalt or modified bitumen. Furthermore, these materials are more affordable compared to tiled roofs, so you’ll surely save money. With only few materials, it will be easy for roofers to set up, which also means fewer installation costs for you.

Easy to maintain

Flat roofs are easier to maintain unlike other variants. You can see the damages; you can climb them easily. You also don’t have to use other equipment like ladders unlike roofs with slopes or valleys. You can also repair the roof yourself instead of consulting specialists to lower your expenses.

Long-lasting roof

Flat roofs are generally sturdy enough to last for about 30 years. These roofs consist of gravel and tar to make them last longer. They can also withstand tough weather with occasional maintenance and weatherproof coating. You’ll spend less maintenance costs with the tough exterior.

Space Saver

Flat roofs are ideal solutions for people concerned with limits to space and home elevations. They don’t take up much space unlike pitched roofs. Flat roofs can also accommodate AC vents and exhausts to improve home ventilation. For pitched roofs, you may have to renovate some areas to set up your coolers, which is costly and bothersome.


You can easily upgrade flat roofs to save on money. Some people turn them to green roofs by adding plants on the surface. Plants will absorb water to prevent leaks and damages to your roof. Other options include felt, single ply membranes or fiberglass. It’ll be easy and pocket friendly to change your roof if you plan to redesign your home.

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