Is Your Roof Winter Ready? 3 Ways to Ensure It is

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July 11, 2015
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Is Your Roof Winter Ready? 3 Ways to Ensure It is

The warm weather gradually subsides as the cold season approaches. People are starting to make their yearly preparation. They shop for the items they need and check their homes for insulation problems to make sure they’ll stay warm and comfortable during the cold days. You might be ready for the winter, but is your roof?


Collins Roofing Inc. recognizes the importance of prepping the roof for the cold weather. We’ve helped many clients repair ice damage in their residential and commercial properties. We know it would be better if clients know how to avoid this problem.


We would like to share with you these three easy ways to make your roof winter ready:


Keep Gutters Clean


Clean gutters mean smooth and continuous flow of water. It is normal to see your gutters full of leaves and other debris at the beginning of winter. Clogged downspouts are also common during this time. Remove any obstacles to keep the drainage open and prevent the formation of ice dams, which can cause serious damage to both the roof and the entire structure. Installing heat cables is also advisable.


Perform Routine Checks and Maintenance


You might have done these before the start of summer or fall, but checking your roof’s condition before winter is a must. Performing repair works during the cold days is nearly impossible. As Utah’s premier roofing specialists, we recommend fixing any damage or problem as early as possible to ensure a comfortable environment throughout the season. Our team of professionals can do this for you.


Heat and Insulate


Get insulation for your ceiling to keep your family or employees protected from the cold and avoid structural damage. This will also help keep your heating costs at bay. Heating your property regularly before the start of winter is likewise advisable, as this helps maintain warm temperature easily. It’s like warming up before your daily workout or revving your car before hitting the road every morning.


These simple yet effective preparations can go a long way to protect your roof and your property against the cold weather.  Contact us today to schedule an onsite consultation, get more information, or request a service from our roofing specialists.