A Brief History About Us

Collins Roofing Inc. was formally established and incorporated in Utah in 1974, a year after Collins Roofing began in 1973. However, our true beginning came much earlier than 1973. Doug Collins was first introduced to the roofing industry at the age of 16.

As a high school wrestler in Northfield, Ohio, Doug was Looking for another way to gain the competitive edge on his athletic opponents. Roofing was offered as the summertime job that could provide the extra strength for the edge he was looking for. Doug not only excelled at his high school wrestling career but he also established the foundations for the future of Collins Roofing Inc.

Doug’s wrestling career continued with him to Kent State University and later to Brigham Young University where he received a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Doug gained much of his roofing knowledge and skill in Ohio and continued his roofing career with his move to Utah.

With one truck, a borrowed tar kettle and his commitment to excellence, Collins Roofing began. Now, More than 40 years later Collins Roofing Inc. stands strong in the roofing industry as an organization dedicated to quality, integrity and service.

We founded our business on excellence and a handshake and we continue that tradition today. The world has made some changes since 1974, like paper to PDF and tar and gravel to TPO, but we believe that good business doesn’t need change.

The only change we made is that we don’t need to borrow our tar kettles anymore!