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February 16, 2016
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April 16, 2016

Leaks in a Flat Roof

Your business’s roof is a part of the whole that you may not think about very often. But when it leaks, it’s often your primary concern. The damage caused by a leaky roof can reach into the thousands of dollars, particularly if the water happens to drip down onto expensive equipment. Roofing services at that point may be expensive, adding to the cost to repair the damage done by the leak.

Find the Source

When a roof leaks, the water seeks the path of least resistance. That path might be long and winding, and finding the source might not be simple. Often, the water won’t show up directly below the leak, but rather far away from it. A few of the usual leak-causing culprits include:

  • Damaged flashing
  • A faulty seam
  • A previous patch job that eventually failed
  • Collars around plumbing vents that aren’t properly sealed
  • Damage due to storm debris

Regular Inspections

Good roof maintenance requires a proactive approach that includes an annual or biannual inspection. That inspection will catch many of the most common weaknesses that turn into problems and help you avoid spending thousands to repair a disastrous leak and replace what was damaged. Services rendered during an inspection will include extensive checks of all of the most frequent instabilities as well as anything out of the ordinary that could lead to a problem. The maintenance provider will be able to correct those issues and strengthen the seals in order to keep you and your equipment protected from water damage.

It’s a staple of the construction industry that roofs leak. Flat roof leaks are extremely common. Even the very best of installers using the very best materials will find that a leaky roof is almost an unavoidable outcome. Your best option is to take advantage of services like roofing maintenance programs to fix problem areas before they result in damage, foregoing the danger of destruction by water seepage.